Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Uses and Limitations of Social Statistics

Statistics is a science of facts and figures and nothing beyond that. It's a measurement of data and expression of the same in the numerical manner. It includes frequency distribution, measurement of central value or tendency, deviations, regressions, co-relations, t-test and goodness of fit.

Uses of social statistics:
  1. It is highly quantitative than qualitative
  2. Statistical method deals with two fundamental principles
  3. Statistical unit
  4. Statistical data must be manipulated
  5. Presentation of statistical data with the help of line-diagram
1. It is highly quantitative than qualitative:Social statistics which present the data of an area must be numerous in nature. By which we can measure the tendency of a project.
In a little period, it also understand by everyone, when listen the percentage. So it is easy to record and easy to understand.
2. Statistical method deals with two fundamental principles:
  • Fundamental regularity based on mathematical probability
  • It says about capacity of the researcher
Fundamental regularity based on mathematical probability:
It states that every social phenomena is influenced by large number by variables, which are co-related and inter related and statistics ls to study this co-relation. Therefore the theory of probability, leniourprogrammes and shadow prices are used to find-out the reality.
It says about capacity of the researcher:
For substantiation of findings and conclusions, statistical jargon are necessary and it save the researcher/scholar from danger and challenges. It is the data, facts and figures which say the capacity of the researcher. The skills and the resources which is used by the researcher must be applied in its research finding.
3. Statistical Units:
Statistical unit has four characteristics as:
  • Appropriateness
  • Clarity
  • Measurability
  • Comparability
4. Statistical data must be manipulated:The statistical data must be manipulated, divided and totaled to formulate some conclusions.
5. Presentation of statistical data with the help of line-diagram:Presentation of statistical data with the help of line-diagram, graphs, charts, histogram, frequency, distribution, pie-diagrams etc.
Limitations of social statistics:
  1. Statistics is highly quantitative
  2. It’s not provide adequate data
  3. It can present time to time presentation of data
1. Statistics is highly quantitative:Social statistics is totally based on number which never present a correct data, accurate information of an area which can be qualitative in nature. Only from the number and percentage, we can’t identify the accurate jargon.
2. It’s not provide adequate data:The social statistics can’t provide adequate knowledge about a particular field as the data about population, age group, types of problem, causes of problem and the internal resources to solve that problem. It is only provide a figure as percentage.
3. It can present a data within a time limit:The sensex data, annual budgeting, 5 year plans, these are the sources to get information of a field, which is officially correct but non-officially it’s not find as accurate. It’s only theoretically correct.