Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Laws regarding Environment Protection

There has been substantive decline in environmental quality due to increaseing of pollution, loss of vesental and biological diversity, excessive concession of harmful chemical in the abident atmosphere and in food change. This changes leads to growing risk of environmental accident and threat to life support system.

Environment protection Act-1986This Act extend to the whole of India. Under this Act environment refers to water, air, land and the inter-relationship between water, air, land and human beings, other living creatures, plants, micro organisms and property.
Section-3The Central Government constitute an authority under its direction and control for the protection of environment. 

Section 4The Central Government appoint officers with such designations as it deems fit, for the purpose of this Act and entrust to them such powers and functions deemed fit. 
Section 5Closure, prohibition and regulation of any Industry, Stoppage or regulation of the supply of electricity or water or any other service & the officer/authority connected shall be found to comply with such directions.

Environmental LaboratoryThe Central Government by notifications in the official gazette have establish environment laboratories in different part of Country. These laboratories are involves, concerning the entrusted activities related to environmental provisions under this Act. 

Environmental awarenessIn cinema halls, T.V, Radio & short term programmes in school and colleges information & messages given to people for protection and maintaining of environment.

Appointment of Climate ManagersTo fight against climate change and control of over pollution Govt. has planned to appoint trained climate managers in villages who create awareness among the people about natural disasters and how to face such crises. 

Other Laws related to Environment 
  • Share Nuisance Act-1853
  • The Indian Penal Code-1860
  • The Oriental Gas Company Act-1887
  • Water Prevention & control of pollution Act-1974
  • Air prevention & control of pollution Act-1981
  • Environment Protection Act-1986
  • The Factories Amendment Act-1987
  • The Air Prevention & Control of Pollution