Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Concept of Voluntary Organisation

Voluntary organisation means a group of people working together voluntarily to help the needy persons with their available needs and resources. Voluntary organisations are initiated by individuals or groups of individuals voluntarily for development. Particularly for the disadvantaged sections of society. Voluntary organisation is organized for voluntary action.

According to the David. L. Sills, “Voluntary organisation is a group of persons organized on the basis of voluntary membership without state control for the furtherance of some common interest of its members”.

Natures of Voluntary Organisation:
  • A group of people
  • Specific purpose
  • Work in multiple field
  • May be registered, may not be registered
  • Their programmes are based on social welfare
  • V.Os are receive funds from donor agencies
  • They make plan and programmes by their own
  • V.Os are non-formal
  • Having cooperation among the members

  1. Membership of V.Os are purely voluntary
  2. V.Os are formed through the initiative of persons interest
  3. V.Os are neither formed nor run for profit making
  4. V.Os are governed by their own set of rules
  5. They have first hand experience and knowledge
  6. They are more closer to people
Principles and ideology of voluntary organisation:
  1. Voluntary organisations are working according to the need of the communities people
  2. Concerned with improving and increasing the services require by the community
  3. Helps groups, community to develop their skills
  4. Should work with the professional ethics
  5. It help people to help themselves
  6. Helps to secure People's participation