Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Female Foeticides in India

The women has to suffer from the mother's womb is not a new concept. This concept is as old as the civilization itself.

Mainly after two world war the number of female foeticides are growing at alarming speed. India have more female foeticides as cases filed in India, Its 416 in December 2007 according to the PNDT Act.

About 5-7 lakh girls a year or 2000 girls a day go missing in India due to female foeticide.The child sex ratio for the age group of 0-6 years has currently 927 per 1000 boys. Punjab has 798 girls, Haryana 819, Delhi 868 and Gujurat 883 per 1000 boys.

Female Foeticide cases
  •  In June 2007, a doctor was arrested on illegally aborting 260 female foetus after police recovered bones & skulls from a septic tank in a maternity clinic in New Delhi.
  • On July 23, 2007 Nayagarh District (Odisha) police had discovered 40 dead female infants in a dry well near a private clinic & within one month again from Bhubaneswar police got 30 foeticides in 15 jars near the Forest Park. The only reason of these issues are discrimination between male & female.
  • From official record it has estimated that in India everyday 7000 female foeticides has taken place. Shocking statistics reveal that as many as 10 million girls in India have been killed by their parents either before or immediately after birth over the past 20 years.
MTP Act 
The Maternal Terminal of Pregnancy or the MTP Act was came into force in 1971. This was the first law to regulate the termination of pregnancy. Thus otherwise the termination of pregnancy has been legalized. According to this Act, if the pregnancy would involve a risk to life of pregnant women or cause grave injury/physical or mental dis-balance of the foetus, in that case she can be go for abortion. 

To check the practice of determination of sex before birth of a child is illegal in the eyes of law, according to the Prenatal Diagnostic test Act, 1994. According to the new Law, the person who disobey the PNDT Act, the penalty which at present between 10,000 to 1 lakh is being enhanced to anywhere between Rs.3 to 7 lakh.

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