Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Dimensions of Research Design

The research design implies planning of research. Research design is necessary to remember and give a shape or design. Research design or model makes possible to give a overall evaluation to the total plan.

The major design decisions are in reference to the following aspects:
  • Why the study is being made?
  • Where the data needed, can be found?
  • Where or in what area the study will be carried out?
  • What period of time the study will include?
  • How much material or how many cases will be needed?
  • What bases will be used for selection of cases?
  • What techniques of gathering data will be adopted?
  • How will the data be analysed?
  • How best can these above questions be decided upon and decisions articulated in a manner that the research purpose will be achieved with minimum expenditure of money, time and energy?

Dimensions of Research Design:
  1. Control over the Universe
  2. Resource
  3. Contact persons
  4. Appointment of local people in social lab
  5. Patronage
1. Control over the Universe:
Universe is a very broad concept. But here Universe means the particular area where a researcher practice his research. It have also different dimensions which have different functions as-
  • It may be related to place/region
  • Person/demography
  • Various variables, data and facts
  • The valid and relevant logic or jurisdiction
  • It's co-related with universe for comparison
2. Resource:
Resource includes time and money for research design. In case of social research the time is limited for 2 to 3 years. So the financial constraints are there to includes fellowship and scholarship for limited period of time. So availability of resource and maintenance of it is necessary.
3. Contact persons:
The contact persons are the opinion builders. They are opinion builders and conscience of the people. They mobilise the community in favour of research topic and the researcher. So that a researcher can enter into his universe to conduct research.
4. Appointment of local people in social lab:
Social Laboratory may be centre to create awareness among the persons and communities irrespective of their caste, creed, religion etc. A researcher must keep some persons in that lab, who are very much thorough knowledge in their local language, customs, dialect and speech. It is a centre to attract the research subjects. It reduces the time and the scholar needn't go to the subject for the collection of dis-aggregate data, on the other hand people come to him voluntarily to provide informations. This lab contains different posters and other documentary equipments to provide vivid picture about the research design and its practice.
5. Patronage:
A researcher wants helping hands. It is the dimension of research designing in the sense that a researcher has to identify helping hands to complete research, while drawing the design, he should take the help of friends & peer groups.