Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Human Rights Movement

1. B.R.Ambedkar started ‘Mahad Satyagraha’ in 1927 A.D. Whose main aim is to provide adequate right to the common people which is the gift of nature like drinking water, free air and working on rules and he advised the Dalits publicly to burn the Manu Smriti. Making the scripture responsible for dis-organisation and dimorolization of the Hindu Society.

2. Simon Commission (1927)
B.R.Ambedkar got an opportunity to putforth demand of the backword classes and made constitutional provisions for a political structure in India those are as follows-
  • Structure of the central and provincial Govt
  • Provincial autonomy of administration
  • Industrialisation of the Indian Civil services
  • Constitution of the state public service commission
  • Special facilities for the backward classes
3. Turning Point: (1932)
B.R.Ambedkar started temple entry movement in Nasik on 1930, demanded for “Swaraj” (Self Rule).
In the Round table conference, Ambedkar demanded right of the Dalits, that made as the writ between Gandhiji and Ambedkar.

4. The Pune Pact
The Pune Pact was sign on 24th Sept,1933 between Gandhi and Ambedkar, that gave birth to Reservation of seats for the Back Ward Classes.

5. Drafted the Constitution (1946-1950)
Ambedkar is called as the Father of the Indian Constitution, with the longest Constitution and largest democracy. It enshrines Justice, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and guaranted sovereignity for all.
Article 17 of the Constitution speaks for the Abolition of Untauchability & special provision for the upliftment of S.C & S.Ts. There have also provision of One man One vote.

6. Revival of Budhism
Ambedkar with his millions of followers accepted Budhism in October 14, 1956. It was better known to history as “Nagpur’s great Conversion”. It was a protest against Hinduism. He called upon the world population from British Broadcast corporation to ambrace Budhism based on Pragyana (knowledge) , samokta (equality) and karuna (kindness).

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