Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Procedure to make Project Proposal

To achieve the goals and fulfill all objectives the initiatives, plannings which has organized in a systematic way is called project proposal.
The elements for making project proposal:
  1. Title
  2. Project overview or Introduction
  3. Background information/ statement of the problem
  4. Project detail
  5. Available resources
  6. Needed resources
Title means the Heading which is necessary for making a project. Title must be in a capsule form.Thewords which are use in title should clearly reflect over the project proposal. Title should be clear andunambiguous. Title must be meaningful and eye-catching so that captured by the funding agency very clearly.

Project overview or Introduction:The project overview should in a short form because may the executive authority shouldn't have time to read the entire proposal and give a overview.
Project overview should “Paint a picture” of the proposal in the mind of the reader.
The project overview will probably from a strong impression in the mind of the reviewer.

Background information/statement of the problem:Use the statement of the problem to show that your proposed project is definitely needed and should be funded.
It is essential to include a well documented statement of the need/problem that is a basis for the project.
It is a need to narrate ‘How do you know these problems are important.
Clearly indicate how the problems that will be addressed in your project will help the potential funding agency in fulfilling their own goals and objectives.

Project details:The project details means details about the project as about the
  • Goal and Objectives of project proposal
  • The Target groups/Beneficiaries
  • What are the Activities should be done
  • Types of staff/administration
  • Time line to achieve the Goal
Available resources:There have a need to present the available resources. The available resources may be the money, man power, machine etc. It is very impressive to a prospective funding agency if local resources have already been contacted and plans to include them in the project have already been made.

Needed resources:Need resources means the resources which has been needed by the agency for its development and for proper implementation of the project.

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