Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Goal & Functions of Social Group Work

  •  Social group work is a orderly, systematic plan, way of working with people in groups. Social group work is not an activity but a way of conducting many different activities. The members are helped to learn new ideas, develop skills, attitude changes & responsibilities through participation in a social process.
    In group work group itself has utilized by the individual with the help of the worker as a primary means of personality growth, change & development of individual.
Goal (Purpose) of Group work :
  • To teach the individual to live & work together and participate in the group activities for their intellectual emotion& physical growth
  • To live a good life within the group and family. The individual is also taught to work together with other people & participate in different activities.
  • To develop individual personality& behavior by using different group work process
  • To prepare the individual to learn how to safe responsibility in a democracy style of working.
  • To give opportunity to them who have potentiality, worth and dignity of leadership
  • To make best use of leisure time
  • To learn division of labour & specialization of role just to indicate to play individual role in the group
  • To provide suitable task to the individual according to her/his skill, knowledge and interest
  • To widen ones horizon
  • To prepare people for social change
  • To apply group therapy in need of physical, mental and emotional adjustment
Functions of group work:
  • Group work mainly see the situation & the needs of all the individuals & try to solve the problems of the individuals. For every individual the group is the main source of strength & renders everybody helping hand.
  • A group fulfill the social desires and need of each individual in the group
  • Group work is carried on with voluntary group in the setting of social agency
  • Group workers tale care of social agencies in many fields as education, religious & recreational field.
  • It’s a helping process with duel purpose of individual & group growth.
  • The function of the group work is always for the betterment of the individual as well as for the growth of the entire group.
  • Group worker plays role of enabler & helping person, by earning an effective group. The group worker is a main person who by her/his better knowledge try to make the group better.