Thursday, 17 April 2014

Gandhian Constructive Programme & his Philosophy

Gandhiji Said that constructive programme is the construction of complete independence by truthful & nonviolent means.Gandhian constructive programme is building the new society. According to Gandhi, we need to develop our own truthful & non violent means.

The Gandhian constructive programme organization
The core elements of the constructive programme that Gandhian believed would be necessary for the transformation & liberation of India involved programmes to embody equality, liberate education, make a Gram Swaraj.Gandhian constructive programme organization is give emphasis to :
  1. Sustainable development
  2. Development of Cottage Industry
  3. Antidote to environment problems
  4. Formation of Local Self Govt.
  5. Universalization of Primary Education
  6. Empowering women
  7. Breaking the bridge between tauchable & untouchable
Sustainable development
Sustainability is the core to his development process which appears to be a best viable alternative model of development in the recent yearsAccording to Gandhi, human society must not to exploit more of natural resources for developmentFor him using anything extra is a stealing. According to his philosophy the Gramin swarna swarojogar yojana, national rural employment guaranted scheme, self help groups etc. are some of developmental schemes. 

Development of Cottage Industry
The spinning-wheel enables us to identify ourselves among crores. The millionaires imagine that money can bring them anything in the world and according to Mahatma gandhi development of cottage industry is the main way of developing the rural poor of India.According to Gandhi " I would make the spinning-wheel, the foundation on which build a sound village life".

Antidote to environment problems
Today there has been decline in environmental quality due to increasing pollution, loss of biological diversity, excessive concession of biological diversity, excessiveconcession of harmful chemical because of deforestation n & over exploitation of natural resources.According to Gandhi,”There have enough on earth for everybody’s need, but not enough for anybody’s greed.His voice was to save the mother earth from destruction & generate the fruit of real development. 

Formation of local self Govt.
The 73rd constitutional amendment act efforts was made to decentralize the power to the Gram Panchayats is a point mark towards the actual dream of Gandhi’s ‘Gram swaraj”.The fundamental concept of Gram Swaraj is that every village should be its own republic, independent.The virtue of “small is beautiful” is always preferred by Gandhi as he visualized the future of India lies in the development of these small villages.

Universalization of Primary Education
Gandhiji regarded education as the light of life & the very source from which was created an awareness of oneness. Gandhian way of education put emphasis on the development of body, mind, heart & soul. His scheme of education he called “Nai Talim” a beautiful blend of craft, art, health & education in one & covers the whole education of the individual till death.His education is more for girls than the boys. 

Empowering women
Realizing this virtue of women empowerment he writes man should learn to give place to women & a country or community in which women are not honoured can not be considered as visualized.In India women seats in Panchayati raj is limited as 33%. 

Breaking the bridge between tauchable & untouchable
Gandhiji was the first who named untauchables as Harijans . In India the total 22% of populations are ST & 19% SC . So according to Gandhi they are a special part of total population & for all round development.