Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Social case work & its other functions

Social case work :
Social case work is a work perform by a Social Worker with a case or a individual to solve her/his problems and help in that extent that she/he can adjust and develop within the society. It’s used by the professional Social Worker. The social work deals with the psycho-socio problem of an individual.

Definition:1st. According to Safrad, ”Social Case Work is a method employed by a social worker to help individual, find a solution of their problem of social adjustment which they are unable to handle in a satisfactory way by their own effort.”

2nd. Mary Richmond (In 1917) defined,” Social Case Work may be defined as the Art of doing different things with different people, co-operating with them to achieve some of their own & societies betterment.”

Objectives of Social Case Work:
  • To make good Rapport with the common people
  • To find-out, understand & solve the internal problems of an Individual
  • To strengthen ones ego power
  • To prevent problem
  • To develop internal resources

    Nature & Characteristics of Case Work:
  • Relationship arise out of shared & emotionally charged situation
  • Relationship contains elements of acceptance, expectation, support & stimulation
  • Client & case worker are interdependent
  • Case work relationship may have several therapentic values:
  • Improvement of condition
  • More adjustment within the society
  • Development of personality
  • Capacity building
  • Relationship needs outside help
    Case worker too has relationship reactions and part of and part of ones professional skills in their management
    Components/elements of case work:

    1) Purpose & concern for the Cline system
    A purpose to find-out internal problems & try to solve it and a concern to make good rapport, feel ones feelings and aims at individualized service

    2) Expectation at three level
    -Expectation of the case worker from the client, how the case worker feels about the clients ability & what extend client support anybody
    -Expectation of the client from the Case worker
    -Positive result in the period of interaction

    3) Accuracy of Empathy and clear communication
    - Think positively in others point of view
    - What extent you are sympathetic
    - Ability to perceive & communicate accurately & feel
    - Case worker should be sensitive to express feelings towards client by voice, posture and good communication

    4) Non Possessive warmth
    Give respect, acceptance, liking, caring and concern for the client in a non- dominating way.

    5) Genuineness and acceptance
    Case worker mist be practical in nature. He must be a person of genuineness being real, honest in their approach and never go beyond her/his limit.

    6) Authority
    Case worker must have a capacity to handle any situation, being resourceful and helpful
    Having knowledge, attitude, experience and a position to identify and solve internal problem of client

    Principles of Case work:
    I. Individualization
    II. Purposeful expression of feelings
    III. Control of Emotion
    IV. Self determination
    V. Acceptance
    VI. Principle of non-judgmental attitude
    VII. Principle of Confidentiality

    I. Individualization:Individualization means analyze an individual not from a single aspect but from a various of aspects. Every Individual is different from others & unique in itself. Problem of every individual is different from another & depend upon her/his intelligence, so the mode of helping (Technique) must be according to the Intellectual level, socio-economic situation and ego strength, ones capacity and resource.

    II. Purposeful expression of feelings :Case worker must give the chance to the client to express her/his feelings freely, especially her/his negative feelings because maximum time feelings are negative in nature. The case worker listen purposefully clients feelings neither praising nor condemning. Don’t point out any one as good or bad because of ones psycho-social problems.

    III. Control emotional involvement:Without feel any ones emotion with sensitivity it’s impossible to find-out her/his problem & get a solution of that problem.
    Emotion comes from 3 ways as
    - Sensitivity

    IV. Self determination:Self determination we means let the client to take her/his own decision in own way, give chance her/him to decide, what is Wright or wrong for them.

    V. Acceptance:A case worker must be accept an individual as a person of “worth & dignity”, not treat as a problem and always accept ones positive feelings don’t negative feelings

    VI. Non-Judgmental attitude:A Case worker mustn’t have the right to judge any one as guilty or innocent.

    VII. Principle of Confidentiality:Case work relationship have a principle to take the problems of the client in a confidence to remainsecret.