Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Gender bias in Language, culture & Theory

Gender bias, the term is so deep rooted in our society that it’s quite impossible to drive out from the society. In every field it may be social, political, economic or cultural field we found a small or large discrimination among man & woman.

Meaning of Gender:Either the male or female called as gender according to her/his social and cultural role & responsibility within the society.

Definition of Gender:Manu said, “The father protects a women in her childhood, husband during her youth, her son in old age; a woman is never fit for Independence.”

Meaning of Gender Bias;Gender bias relates to the discrimination among male and female.
The bias ness between the gender is expressed in language, culture & theory. The power which defines the language to be used, culture to be maintained and the theoretical discourse used in the exclusion of man and woman.

Gender bias in Language:
  • Language is a very powerful elements, which has used by every individual to express own feelings.
  • There have some language prescribed by the society which has only use by the males and some, only by the females.
  • Generally when we written something about a male and female we simply write “He” for both. Secondly after the marriage of a man, he remain ‘Mr’, but a woman changes from miss to mrs.
  • She also have to change her Gotra & Surname.
  • When people use the word saving money, if it’s for boy, we say it’s for his teaching, career but when we talk about girl we think saving money for her marriage.
Gender bias in culture:
  • Culture , which is transmitted from generation to generation, in case of gender bias, it also handed over from father to son and from mother to daughter.
  • In childhood, parents & teachers teach girls not to try things, because their effort either don’t make any difference or may be result in failure or any danger and boys are encouraged to do thing in a better way by their own effort.
  • Boys are giving toys require skills, car, dresses as SaktimanSpiderman whereas girls are given Barbie doll, flowers for playing.
  • Boys are called as the person having strong emotion or control over emotion so though they wants to cry, the society don’t give him permission to cry in other aspects they have to earn money for their marriage and self reliant.
  • When a girl do something more get prestige by all and became feel happy but she forget theweakers need motivation. But when a boy do the same thing, it’s says as his duty and courage.
Gender bias in Theory:The gender stereotypes lead to two types of bias as Alpha Bias which exaggerates the differences between man and woman whereas Beta bias ignores the differences between male & female and give importance &equity between male & female.