Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Characteristics of Group Work

Group work is essential to work with a systematic plan having understanding, we feelings and concentration. Group workers are viewed as helping persons whose job is to help people by identifying her/his problem, skill and ability.
Characteristic of Group work:
  1. Group work practiced by group itself
  2. It’s based on humanitarian philosophy
  3. It gives aspiration to help each other
  4. Group work provides more information and more skill
  5. It develop human personality
1. Group work is practiced by group itselfWith the help of group workers, development of the individual changes and personality growth are happen. The group practiced and take steps by his own worth and dignity by the help of its workers.

2. Based on humanitarian philosophy:Group work is based on humanitarian philosophy. A group get its inspiration from the happiness, joy and prosperity of the member of that particular group within a community. A group must have a belongingnessand group philosophy.

3. It gives aspiration to help each other:Because of living together, sharing problem and emotion of each other they get a aspiration to help each other.
The group help the individual when she/he is in problem.

4. It provides more skill and information:
After formation of a group by a worker the group member get more information and skill. Because ofbelongingness and helping mind the member can sharing their knowledge among themselves.They get more information about science, resources and techniques.
It develop human personality:
After making a group their networking with other groups, workers and agency develop their personality.

Qualities of Group worker:
Social group worker must have certain essential qualities where she/he brings harmony and co-operation between groups and the individuals on the basis of knowledge and experience. The group worker could only implement her/his work plan on the basis of few skilled essential assessment which are as follows:
  • Selection of group
  • Obtaining maximum information about group
  • Establishing purposeful relationship with the individual in the group
  • Knowledge about status of an individual and analyzing group situation
  • Suitable programme planning and programme implementation process
  • Knowledge about the available resources with in and out side the group
  • Optimum utilization of agency and group resources
  • Evaluating the programme.