Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Family Functions for Socialization

Family means a group of people living together having blood relationship, their mentality may be same or different but they share same kitchen.
Family is the oldest institution among all institution. The family is the social institution where one can look for personal psychological peace & security.

Definition:Maclver & pages said, "A family is a group defined by sex relation, sufficiently precise & enduring to provide for the procreation & upbringing of children".

Functions of a family:
  1. Division of labor
  2. Reproduction & upbringing of children
  3. Socialization
  4. Residence
  5. Economic function
  6. Social care
  7. Regulate sex relation
Division of labor:In a family the power must be distributed between its members according to their role & status within the family & society. It should be accepted by everyone that a female is working within the house as cooking, taking care of children, look after her husband & total family member, worship, collect firewood & drag water from well whereas a male is working for production. He is working at outside home to maintain the family.

Reproduction & upbringing of children:The reproduction & bringing of children is one of the most important function of every Indian family. Children is the first desire of every family. So family is called as the centre of production & reproduction. As the production is essential to live a better & satisfactory life, reproduction is a basic need of every family to run a family in a better way.

Socialization:When a baby take birth she/he observe & learn many things as morality, ethics, value of life, respect, love & affection from the family & society. Family is the oldest institution from which a child learn many things & make a place within the family and society.

Residence:Residence is a permanent place where a person live. A family provide residence & security to all family members. A family provides name of its own to all its member according to which one can get prestige within a family & in society.
Economic function:A family is consists of its member whose prior function is to provide economic support to the family. The male & female both have the duty to provide minimum finance to the family.
Social care:Family is consisting of its members who have blood relationship & who are a part of society. Who learn how to care, look-after other members within a family. They learn that things from the family & society. Giving equal status to all its members & protecting its member from insult, crisis & social problem.
Regulate sex-relation:Family is a primary & oldest association where upbringing of children & sex relation is a primary concern. But unlike the animals human being have a limit sex relation. A family regulate the sex-relation.
Other functions as:
  • Biological Function
  • Psychological Function
  • Social Function
  • Socialization
  • Formation of personality trades