Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Leader & Leadership quality

Leader:In a complex society of today the concept of leadership has perhaps attracted the attention of every Individual in the society. From home, institution to form a nation Leadership is essential.

Leadership means “To Lead”.
Leadership is one who have the quality of advancement, prominent and excel. Leader is success with the follower. A Leader is one who motivate & take in confidence to the all group members.

Definition:According to Sheriff & Sheriff,” A Leader is the member with the top status in an organizational hierarchy.”

Role & Functions of a Leader:
  • Skill of interpretational relationship
  • Build group structure
  • Planning & decision making
  • Policy maker
  • Executive
  • Expert
  • External representative of the group
  • Having available information
  • Purveyor of rewards & punishments
  • Mediator
  • Exemplar
Types of Leadership:
I. Autocratic Leader
Autocratic Leader is one who don’t give scope to the any other members and take group decisions by their own will. They are very much selfish in nature.

II. Democratic Leader
Target is always made by the Leader but she/he can give independence scope the group members to provide their own opinion.

III. Visionary Leader
Visionary Leader is one who have a ambition, vision to achieve the goal as our former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

IV. Transformational Leader
With the revolutionary mind , the leader who achieve the goal & change the society in some extend is called as a Transformational Leader.
Exp: Subhash ch. Bose

V. Charismatic Leader:
These types of Leader are called as God gifted Leader. They have some in-born quality to tackle any situation easily and achieve the goal more positively.

VI. Man made Leader:
The Leader who lead through power, sympathy is a Man made Leader.