Thursday, 17 April 2014

Maintenance of Record in Social Work Research

Record is a storing of data either in written form or in video. It may be written in form or not but has used as prove/evidence of any incidents.

Definition:Chamber Dictionary defines record as “act of setting down in writing or other permanent form, a formal writing of any fact or proceeding, a book of such writing.”

  • To improve the professional skills & techniques of workers
  • To evaluate the work of the agency & to improve upon methods & techniques used therein
  • To create satisfaction & keep up the interest of the workers
  • To build a body of knowledge of social work administration
  • To facilitate supervision & training
  • To show the progress of the agency to the board, community, public authorities etc.
  • To ensure continuing of work & keep a note thereof
  • To do work on a systematic basis
Types of Records:
  1. Organizational Records
  2. Programme Records
  3. Administrative Records
  4. Procedural Records
  5. Financial Records
  6. General Records
1. Organizational Records
  • Registration Certificate
  • Copy of the constitution, Bye-laws of the agency
  • Agenda Papers
  • Minute books/register
  • Returns to field with the registrar of society
  • Register of board members with their address
  • Resolutions for formulation of the committees, sub-committees & record of their work
2. Programme Records
  • Blue print of the agency’s plan of work of the scheme
  • Case histories in case work process
  • Survey report of the community
  • Diary of field work
  • Attendance register for programme staff
  • Register of volunteers
  • Visitor’s book
3. Administrative Records
  • Personal files of staff members
  • Attendance register
  • Leave record
  • Telephone calls register
  • Building plan file, sanctioned plan
  • File for each branch
4. Procedural records
  • Diary
  • Dispatch Register
  • Register of files
  • Reminder register
  • Recording register
5. Financial Register
  • Budget File
  • Case book
  • Receipt & bill Books
  • Voucher file
  • Salary register
  • Stock register
  • Property register
6. General Records
  • Annual Report
  • File containing material for the annual report
  • For the next year
  • List of address of agency’s contacts

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