Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Merits & Demerits of Joint-Family

Joint family we means a group of people who generally live under one roof, who eat food , cooked at one hearth, who hold property in common, who participate in common family worship & who are related to each other. Joint family or traditional family is recognize as a set of social relationships and a functioning unit.

According to Chandra Shekhar, "In a word joint family is simple, the common ownership of means of production & common enjoyment of fruits of labor".

Merits of Joint Family:
  1. Protection against distress & unemployment
  2. Common security
  3. Joint responsibility
  4. Old age security
  5. Tolerance & mutual co-operation
  6. Reservation of family tradition
  7. Check on individual interest
Demerits of Joint family:
  1. Joint family give raise to dependency
  2. Hindrance to social mobility
  3. Sloth(in activeness) & laziness
  4. Jealousy & quarrel
  5. Measurable condition of women
  6. child marriage
  7. Absence of privacy
  8. Lack of individuality

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