Thursday, 17 April 2014

Three levels of Project Planning

Project is a plan specifying certain objective to be accomplished within a specified time frame & resources. Project is a need based intervention undertaken by organization according to its capacity.

PlanningPlanning is a future oriented process of decision making. Planning is done within the basis of available data on the community & organization.

Project planningHow the plan & programme can be manage, project will be monitoring, evaluate, identifying the sources to succeed the project, that all idea about the project is called project planning.

Three levels of project planningThere have 3 components of project as: 
  • Goal
  • Purpose
  • Result
GoalGoal can be achieve through Objective & Target Group. Goal is a broader, long term effect or consequence to which project activities contribute partly. Settings of goal is essential to fulfill certain objectives. Without planning, achieving the goal project work is meaningless.

ObjectiveAn objective is the changed situations, usually in the physical environment or the behaviour of the target groups or in the benefit to them, arising out of the efforts made as part of project implementation. Objective is to change the future situation of the target group. 

Target groupTarget group means the beneficiaries. The vulnerable group, the needy people who are affected, who are suffered. Project work is to solve the problem of the target group & give a better life to them. 

PurposeThe specific improvement of the project is called purpose. Give respect to the behaviour of target group & work according to the available resource & their demand. This is the purpose of a project planning. 

ResultThe result of a project planning is positive if the activities are In a proper way. Project activity is a part of project result. Result is the output. Through awareness programme, counseling, family visit we can get a good result. If a project planner have sufficient resources, man power, infrastructure than she/he will get positive result.

ActivityActivity is to get good result. Activity is to change the present situation & to aware the target group. Activity is necessary to transfer input into planned output within a specified period of times. With this 3 components as goal, purpose & result a project planning can be succeed in some extent.

A project plan can be considered to have five key characteristics asScope: defines what will be covered in a project.
Resource: what can be used to meet the scope.
Time: what tasks are to be undertaken and when.
Quality: the spread or deviation allowed from a desired standard.
Risk: defines in advance what may happen to drive the plan off course, and what will be done to recover the situation.