Thursday, 17 April 2014

Technoligal changes & their impact on society

Technology refers to applied science or application of science for Industrial uses. Technology initiates changes by stimulating people’s thought towards life & universe. The shift from old Asiatic mode of production to new feudal mode of production changed the western society from the phase of ancient slavery to medieval serfdom. New technological inventions also create new needs & sets novel means to achieve them.
Positive changes:
  • Technological innovations I the field of space & navigation
  • Change in production
  • Set-up of modern technological education
  • Growth of urban centers
  • Worldwide trade
  • Improvement of mass media
  • Development of communication technology
Technological innovations in the field of space & navigation:The technological devices have successfully demonstrated the components of physical world such as atom, gases, solar, energy, gravitation power, minerals, air, water, sun shine etc. These have revolutionary changes in man’s idea about the world & universe.

Changes in production:In the ancient period the way of production of the common people was only agriculture. Though today too, more than 75% of common people depend on agriculture but due to the development of techniques the hybrid seeds, hi quality machines are reach to the farmers & people are engage in industrial works, business etc.

Set-up modern technological education:Due to the set-up modern technological development, the women has come out of family. This has changed her status to a great extent by which they are gradually becoming educated, independent & progressive.

Growth of Urban Centre:Many novel rules & regulations have been enacted to maintain peace & harmony in the Urban societies which are quite heterogeneous, formalized & where relationship is fragile & transitory. Industrialization has also caused a number of changes in caste, religion & ideologies of people.
Worldwide trade:There have frequent exchange of ideas, thoughts, inventions, goods & services among the nations, inventions, goods & services among the nations. All these are the gift of modern transportation & communication technology. World wide trade & commerce has been made the world smaller day by day not physically but socially & psychologically.

Development of Communication technology:The establishment of railway, printing press, postal during the British rule contributed towards national reawakening & freedom movement.
Improvement of Mass Media:The mass media like TV, Radio, cinema, newspaper etc have changed people’s way of life, way of thinking & way of spending leisure hours & modes of entertainment.

Negative Changes:
  • Increase of Migration
  • Environmental & ecological imbalance
  • Destruction of cottage industry
Increase of migration:Migration is called to be a function of labour reallocation in response to market demands. The numbers of male migrants who moves from rural to urban area are more & they moved mostly in search of jobs to work as wage labourers, which is the main cause of HIV/AIDS, prostitution, family disorganization, alcoholism & Cancer.

Environmental & ecological imbalance:Due to rise of industries & deforestation there have lots of valuable plants & creatures has vanished from the Earth. The natural disasters like flood, cyclone, earth quake, drought are being viewed as the divine punishments against man’s bad deeds.

Destruction of cottage industry:The establishment of large-scale industries & factories have destroyed the village & cottage industries. The break-down of cottage industry has brought women out of home in search of employment.

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