Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Rural & Urban Community

Community means, a group of people living together, sharing common interest, having sense ofbelongingness. Community life depends upon some kinds of face to face communication/interaction among the members.
Elements of Community:
  • A group of people
  • Specific locality
  • Community sentiments
  • Natural
  • Likeness
  • Wider ends
  • Particular name
  • No legal status
  • Size
Types of Community:
  1. Rural Community
  2. Urban Community
1. Rural Community:Rural Community means a group of rural people, having belongingness, sharing their emotions living in a specific locality within a village.
Rural Community is consists of rural people who are generally depends on agriculture.
Objectives of Rural Community:
  • To improve the living standards by providing food, shelter, clothing, employment and education
  • To increase productivity in Rural areas and reduce poverty
  • To involve people in planning and development through decentralization of administration
  • To ensure distributive justice and equalization of opportunities in the society
Characteristics of Rural Community:
  • Rural Community is mainly depends on agriculture
  • Rural communities are relatively more homogeneous
  • Relationships are not means to end type
  • It have their own culture and tradition
  • There have limited jobs
  • Depends on internal/natural resources
  • Rural Community is regulated by village Panch
2. Urban Community:Urban Community means a group of people, having belongingness, sharing their emotion, live in a particular area in city.
Objectives of Urban Community:
  • To improve adequate support service to the slum dwellers
  • To reduce the ecological breakdown
  • To organize family welfare programmes to control population growth
  • To make plans for reduction of chronic diseases as HIV/AIDS, TB and Laprosy etc.
Characteristics of Urban Community:
  • Large in size
  • High density of population
  • Diversification of occupation
  • It have larger area for interaction
  • Relationships are means to end types
  • Migration of people from rural area
  • Development of Slums
  • Faster growth of population