Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Social Learning Process in Psychology

Learning is relatively permanent change on behaviour that results due to experience or reinforced practice.

It also refers to concerted activity that increases the capacity and willingness of individuals, groups, organizations and communities to acquire and productively apply new knowledge and skills, to grow, develop and mature successfully. Such learning empowers individuals and organizations to make wise choices, solve problems.

Nature & characteristics of LearningLearning through observation & experience
Learning involves changes
Learning develop ones personality

Learning through observation & experienceWhen a child grows up she/he can observe, learn & get experience from her/his parents, teacher, peers, television & Institutions. She/he learn morality, truth, behavior from her/his surrounding.

Learning involves changesLearning arises with ones growth & maturation. Learning is a continuous process. It’s continue throughout our life from birth to death.

Learning develop ones personalityThrough learning a person became more intelligent & develop a good personality.

Theories of LearningTrial & Error learning
Classical Conditioning
Operant Conditioning
Social Learning

Trial & Error LearningWhen a person make error , get trial & learn many things from that error. This is the foundation stage of learning.

Classical Conditioning:In this stage, a person react towards an artificial stimulus, in the same time her/his mind respondingtowards that natural stimulus. For example create saliva when think about a favourite dish as meat or milk.

Operant ConditioningWork something with an expectation to achieve goal.

Social LearningSocial Learning means what a person learn from the society. The social learning centre may be a family, school, peer, institution or ones surrounding.

Methods of Social Learning
Observation:Observe others and follow what they are doing.
Imitation:Follow others philosophy & idea & carry out that in her/his practical life.
Modeling:Copy others attitude, facial expression, way of talking, behaviour

Process of Social Learning:Attention process
Retention process
Motor reproduction process
Reinforcement process
Attention processPeople only observe & learn from a model when they recognize & play attention to its features.

Retention processRetention process means how an individual quire knowledge & remember model’s action when she/he is not available or present.

Motor reproduction processLearn something by observation & convert that things by performing activities.

Reinforcement processIf the model's behaviour is positive, an individual will motivated, give more attention, learn better, utilise those things in her/his practical life & perform more.