Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Tools to frame the Research Questions

A questionnaire consists of questions printed (or typed) in a definite order on a form (or set of forms). The forms are usually mailed to the respondents who are expected to read and understand the questions and reply to them in writing in the relevant spaces provided for the purposes on the said forms.

Questionnaire method-The signal advantage of the questionnaire method is that affords great facilities in collecting data from large, diverse and widely scattered groups of people.
It’s used in gathering objective, quantitative data as well as for securing information of a qualitative nature.

Types of tools to frame the research questions-
  • Schedules
  • Questionnaire
  • Interview guides

    Schedule-These are use in direct interview of the responds. It includes direct observation recorded by the field investigators in conducting social research.
    Data which are collected by the researcher are recorded in schedules.

    Questionnaire-Questionnaires are send by post to the respondent by the researcher
    The respondent fill-up the questionnaire and returned to the researcher by post.

    Interview guides-Interview guides contains the topic, bold headings about the problem or social issues and guides the researcher to formulate questions and schedules for the completion of researcher. But there have borderline difference between schedule and researchers.
    The framing of research questions and schedules depend on Interview guides in qualitative research. It guides the researcher to select a title or name for his research topic.

    Types of Schedule-
  • Direct question schedules
    It is also called as Observation schedule. The questions are pin-pointed to collect information.
  • Rating schedules
    It’s socio-psychological by nature. Generally use to measure the opinion reaction and the attitude of the respondents.
  • Document schedules
    It is use to collect secondary source of data from Government and non-government records, annual reports library etc.
  • Interview schedules
    It contains standardize questions to built the substance of the research. Such questions must include different dimensions of the problem.
  • Steps for formulate(frame) research schedule-
  • It should be attractive
  • The statement of the problem
  • Information collected for valid
  • Lay-out (planning)
It should be attractive-The attractive includes the quality of the paper, size of the schedule, margin and spacing, printing in different colours, use of pictures . So to attract the respondent.
The statement of the problemThe problem should be clearly stated and sub devided into different aspect. But the researcher should bewel-aquainted with the problem.
Information collected for validValid questions and irrelevant questions shouldn’t find a place in schedule or questionnaire.
Lay-out (planning)The questionnaire or schedules are properly planned, so it will cover all aspects of research problem.
Limitation of framing research question-
  • Framing research is a very costly affairs
  • Research calls for administrative problems
  • Research is very much influenced by his personal likes and dislikes
  • Time limit
  • Creative questionnaires with the need
  • Creative review