Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Community Organization a tool to empower Local People

Community Organization is a people oriented development process that encourages appropriate use of own resources, resulting in capacity building and willingness to contribute. It’s a process to empowering local people/vulnerable groups and createawareness, build stability at the local level.It is essential in the context of crisis and conflict to stabilize the livelihood strategies o0f people and to encourage their self-help potential.

Aims of Community Organization: 
  • To strengthen capacity & capabilities of local communities
  • To aware people about their potential
  • To encourage them to sustain by their own resources
  • To enhance local government
  • To facilitate into the local market economy
  • To close the gape between service provider & local people
  • To make local communities become partner in development
  • To make the community people self reliant
Principles of Community Organization :
  1. Contact
  2. Capacity promotion
  3. Social Responsibility
  4. Transparency & Accountability
  5. Sustainability
  6. Gender
  7. Harmlessness
1. Contact :Community organization establishes contact between all relevant persons and institutions and make open communication with partners involved in the project cycle.

2. Capacity promotion :Community organization aims at unfolding the capabilities and capacities of local partners and service providers. Its aim is to increase the ability of partners to handle such projects with less assistance in the future.

3. Social responsibility :
Community organization demands that the elite care about the more vulnerable in the villages. Vulnerablefamilies are to be integrated into the community.

4. Transparency and accountability :Every villager has the right to know about the technical procedures, the financial matters and the project components and its progress.
5. Sustainability :Community organization demands local responsibility, commitment and contributions to initiate ownership among those who benefit from the project.
6 Gender:Everyone within the community it may be female, male, young, old person or children
Should given rights & caring according to their need & capabilities.
7. Harmlessness :Community organization should finalize all conflicts within the community.