Wednesday, 16 April 2014

NGO & its Management

Every day we come across committees in business, industry, welfare & voluntary organizations which are being run by the lay citizens.
 This elements are very necessary in social work which aims at helping people to help themselves.

Meaning of NGO
NGO we means the Non Governmental Organization. Generally NGO means, a group of people representing from Civil Society back ground, thinking to stand united for common interest of specific problems of the people in the locality, May get registered their vision under the society Act.

Types of NGO 
  • The NGOs only provides social service
  • Fund raising NGOs
  • NGOs work with Government
Basic Components of an NGO 
  1. General body
  2. Managing/Executive Committee
  3. Office Bearer
  4. Legal Advisor
  5. Purchasing Committee
1. General BodyA General Body consists of general members of the organization enrolled according to the provisions of the Constitution of the agency.
Some of the main functions of the General Body
  • Policy making or legislative functions
  • Control over raising & utilization of Funds
  • Election of the office bearer & the members of the executive
  • Approval of Annual Budget
  • Appointing auditors
  • Approve Annual Plan of Action
2. Managing CommitteeThe managing/executive committee is elected by the general body according to the agency’s rules & regulations. It performs all the functions for the day-to-day affairs of an agency. Its tenure is fixed according to agency’s rule . It’s always answerable to the general body.

3. Office bearerIn order to manage the activities of the organization & strive to materialize the objective of the organization, there is a need of folding different technical & non-technical course in the same organization. The office bearers consists of President, Vice President, Secretary/General Secretary, Joint/Assistant Secretary, Treasurer & an Auditor.

4. Legal Advisor
Legal advisor is a person being chosen either from among the group members or from outside source as legal advisor to the organization. The person in charge for giving Legal Advice looks after some legal aspects & dimensions, while holding any Plans & Programmes undertaken by the organization to make it more legalized. She/he also provide legal support service in-favor of the organization, if it’s necessary.

5. Purchasing Committee
A Purchasing Committee consists of a accountants, programme co-ordinator & representative from the Donor Agency or from governing body members is normally set-up. This committee looks after to mobilize quotations from the suppliers/certified agencies to provide specific goods which are needed by the organization certifying the budgetary provisions.

Basic Activities perform by an NGO
  • Annual General Body Meeting
  • Make Annual Action Plan
  • Approve Annual Budget