Thursday, 12 December 2013

Definitions of Social Welfare

Definitions of Social Welfare:

Social Welfare is an institution , comprising policies and laws , that are operationalized  byorganized activities of voluntary (private) and / or government (public) agencies, by which a defined minimum of social services, money and other consumption rights  are distributed to individuals, families and groups, by criteria other than those of the marketplace or those prevailing in the family system, for the purpose of preventing,alleviating or contributing to solution of recognized social problems so as to improve the well being of the individuals, groups and communities directly.

Social Welfare  …. organized provision of resources and services for the society to deal withsocial problems

Social Welfare:
All social interventions that are intended to enhance or maintain the socialfunctioning of human beings may be defined as social welfare—Ralph Dolgoff

 All collective interventions to meet certain needs of the individual and / or to serve the wider interests of society is called as social welfare -Richard Titmuss

In a narrow sense, social welfare includes those non-profit functions of society, public orvoluntary, that are clearly aimed at alleviating distress and poverty or ameliorating the conditions of causalities of society.

Social Welfare
includes all programs whose explicit purpose is to protect adults andchildren from the degradation and insecurity of ignorance, illness, disability, unemploymentand poverty            --Amy Gutmann

Social Welfare
generally denotes the full range of organized activities of voluntary and governmental organizations that seek to prevent, alleviate or contribute to the solution of recognized social problems or to improve the well being of individuals, groups andcommunities. –NASW
Social Welfare
is a system of laws, Programs, benefits and services which strengthen orassure provision for meeting social needs recognized as basic for the welfare of thepopulation and for functioning of the social order