Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Role of group worker as leader

The group worker also plays the role of a leader in the
group. As a professional with sound knowledge base in
human behaviour and social interactions and
interpersonal relations, the group worker is
automatically assumes leadership role. Till the time
the group has its leader from among the members the
worker discharges the funtions of a leader. Douglas
discussed four leadership acts the worker performs viz.,
preparation, intervention (working), intervention
(control) and evaluation.
The worker provides directions to group members in
planning the group activities, making preparations for
carrying out the planned activities and finally in carrying
out activities.
He exercises controls over those members who are
either not cooperative or involving in actions that are
detrimental to the group’s norms and purposes.
Takes initiatives in mobilising the resources both
material and human. Connects members to resource
agencies and persons. Oversees the utilisation of the
available resources by the members for the common
good of the group as well as for the benefit of individual
Reminds member/s about their goals and facilitates
them to pursue their goals.
Protects and supports the weak members from those
members who are inclined to exploit them.
He also performs the role as decision maker. Decision
making is to choose among the alternatives available.
A number of decisions have to be taken in planning and
organising group and its activities. The decision-making
process starts from the conception of the group to that
of termination of the group. At every stage decisions
have to be made. For example, a decision has to be
taken to decide the size and composition of the group
in the formation stage. They have to be made
independently by the worker or made in active
consultation with and involvement of members, agency
administrators and other staff and at times even with
resource and referral agencies. Even though the worker
has conviction in the democratic process, still the
worker is compelled to take decision as the group is in
a fix or dilemma to take decisions.
Finally, the worker as a leader develops and promotes
leadership in the group. The worker identifies the
potential leaders from among the members and creates
opportunities for them to take up leadership