Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Role of Group Worker in Group Formation Stages

The group worker is the key player in the formation of
the group. The worker plays a number of roles. He
she plays the most widely shared roles of social worker
in general viz., enabler, mediator, advocate, educator,
and facilitator. The roles specific to social work group
are that of a leader and decision maker.
As enabler the worker furnishes the necessary
information to members so that member’s doubts are
clarified and their participation levels improve.
Encourages the member/s who takes initiatives in
performing the group tasks.
As mediator, the worker resolves the conflicts in the
group by liaison. Brings conflicting members onto
discussion forum and interprets each member’s points
of view so that the misunderstandings that caused the
conflict are put to an end. The worker also mediates
the negotiations between the group and the other staff
of the agency and other resource agencies.
As advocate the worker presents the case of the
members to the agency authorities to secure certain
additional facilities and concessions. Pleads on behalf
of the member with family and/or with the community
to cooperate with the member by way of accommodating
the member’s needs. He/She presents the case of the
member/s to the referral services.
As educator the worker clarifies the misnomers the
member/s have about various aspects such as the
problem/need, irrational beliefs, unfounded fears etc.
He passes on information to the members about the
developments taking place in the areas concerning their
social situations.
As facilitator the worker creates congenial environment
for the group to go ahead with its activities and tasks.
He/she procures the required material for the smooth
conduct of the group sessions/tasks. The worker helps
members who are shy and withdrawn type to participate
by helping them to identify their intrapersonal and
interpersonal shortcomings and assists them in
overcoming these.