Sunday, 18 May 2014

Nature of Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management brings organizations and people together so that the goals of each are met. The nature of HRM includes:
  1. Broader function
    Human Resource Management is a comprehensive function because it is about managing people in the organization. It covers all types of people in the organization from workers till the top level management.

  2. People oriented
    Human resource is the core of all the processes of human resource management. So HRM is the process which brings people and organizations together so that their goals can be achieved.
  3.  Action oriented
    Human resource management believes in taking actions in order to achieve individual and organizational goals rather than just keeping records and procedures.
  4.  Development oriented
    Development of employees is an essential function of human resource management in order to get maximum satisfaction from their work so that they give their best to the organization.
  5. Continuous function
    As human resource is a living factor among all factors of production therefore it requires continuous improvement and innovations in order to get excellence. So it requires a constant alertness and awareness of human relations and there importance in every day to day operations.
  6. Future oriented
    HRM is very important activity which helps organization to achieve its objectives in future by providing well motivated and competent employees.