Saturday, 10 May 2014

Role & Significance of NGO

NGO we means the non governmental organization, which is free from governmental control. These are the non profit making organizations, working for the social welfare. 
Generally NGO means, a group of people representing from civil society back ground, thinking to stand united for common interest, specific problems of the people within the society.

Role of NGO
  1. Identify target area & target group
  2. Narrating statement of the problem
  3. Proper utilization of resources
  4. Fund raising for social welfare
  5. Work at the time of crisis
  6. Give support to the Government

Significance of NGO
  1. Improve the professional skills & techniques of workers
  2. Evaluate the work of the agency & improve upon methods & techniques used therein
  3. Create satisfaction & keep up the interest of the workers
  4. Facilitate supervision & training
  5. Solve the major problems
  6. Role in eradicating poverty
  7. Promote democracy & good governance
  8. Resolve social conflicts
  9. Protect Human Rights
  10. Participate with the Government in discussions dealing with social, economic, environmental and other problems
  11. Improve social & economic welfare
  12. Built healthy public law
  13. Promote sustainable human development
  14. Improve human condition

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