Sunday, 18 May 2014

Social pathology

Social pathology includes: substance abuse, violence, abuses of women and children, crime, terrorism, corruption, criminality, discrimination, isolation, stigmatisation and human rights violations. "Many contemporary social problems are global in nature and are shared by many countries." 
"Violence against women is a public health concern in all countries. An estimated 20% to 50% of women have suffered domestic violence. Surveys in many countries reveal that 10% to 15% of women report that they are forced to have sex with their intimate partner. The high prevalence of sexual violence to which women of all ages are exposed, with the consequent high rate of post-traumatic stress disorder, explains why women are most affected by this disorder."
Social pathologies "often lead to a flood of social, economic and psychological problems that undermine well-being." and therefore need to be considered in developing a mental health policy that promotes population mental health well-being and addresses issues that contribute to mental illness.