Saturday, 17 May 2014

Significant Group Work Literature during the Last Two Decades

Carrell, S 1993 has written on group exercises for
adolescents. The book also contains a manual for
therapists. The exercises are useful for school social
workers and group workers involved in life skills training.
Morganett (1990) has written a book on life skills and group
counseling for young adolescents. Rose, S & Edilson, J
(1991) have also written a book on specific group work
exercises for children and adolescents.
Toseland, R (1995) is well known for his book on Group
work with elderly and family care givers. Hurley (1996)
has developed therapeutic group exercises for the elderly.
Pehroozi (1992) has presented models of Group Work in
his book Social Work with Group. Berecher (1990) has
developed an innovative concept called Telephonic Group
Work. Breton (1994) has developed the concept of
Empowerment Oriented Group Work in his book Social
Work with Group. Brown, A and Mistry , T (1994) have
focused on Group Work with mixed membership group
highlighting on race and gender based issues. Coxe and
Parsons, R (1994) have developed their theories on
empowerment oriented Group Work practice with elderly.
Glassman, U and Kates, L (1990) have written on the
Humanistic Approach in Group Work. Nosko, A and
Wallace, R (1997) have highlighted on gender based issues
in Social Work Group.
During the last decade the following books on GroupWork
have contributed significantly to the understanding of
Group Work
An introduction to GroupWork practice by Ronald Tosland
and Robert Rivas (2001). Encyclopedia of Social Group
Work with groups by Alex Gifferman, Robert Salmon
(2008). Using Group Work by Mark Doel (2005). Social
Work with group by Helen Northen & Roselle Kurland
(2000). Perspectives on Social GroupWork Practice, Alissi
Albert, S (2001). The Essentials of GroupWorker by Doel,
Mark & Sawda, Catharine (2003). A Hand Book of Social
Work with Groups by Gravin, Charles D, Lorriae M. Gulier

(Ed) (2007).